I feel the need to be heard

After digressing so much, I want to come back to why I felt the need to write! Having grown up with dogs, I feel like there's this constant reminder when I see my dogs that I am living my daily life with these things that are alive, breathe and are completely different from me! It's... Continue Reading →

A Strange Disconnect in this Connected World

I can only begin to fathom how complicated the world is. There is so much in the name of communication but an even wider disconnect. A disconnect which emerges from the dire need to express yourself in a certain way. Now, of course, expressing yourself is a way of communicating to everyone who your true... Continue Reading →

Us and Them

Insecurity is an infection that could slither all over you and choke your thinking. Everyone has insecurities. I am always insecure of losing people. In my case, I am not sure where the feeling emerges from but there is a constant reminder out there that humans are inherently selfish. If you were constantly thinking about... Continue Reading →

Man’s BestFriend?

A dog’s life is very simple. It’s un-etched by the atrocities of living a social life. They definitely are ‘social’ animals, though maybe not in the same way as us. Humans add meaning only in groups. One man could not have achieved as much as several people together have. Similarly dogs too feel the need... Continue Reading →

Sanity vs Society

"Joy is a toy, not a baby boy. And she lives in the city of Joy." This was a small poem of sorts that Ankita and I would croon all day long, like a recorder stuck on repeat, and enough times for our parents to assume we were galling them intentionally. At the time, the... Continue Reading →

Bundle of Joy

Anyone who even remotely knew my family back then had found out about the latest addition to our cozy home. Even though there was one wireless phone, which my dad owned, and obviously no ‘whatsapp’ to share photographs, we managed to inform everyone in a matter of a few weeks! How I wish I had... Continue Reading →

The Follower

Usually a dog would start it’s day only when the owner wakes up, followed by a fun-filled playtime, the first meal, soon after which they would snooze for a couple of hours, waking up to play and finally eat again. Surprisingly, Kolkata too worked the same way! The mornings and evenings would have the city... Continue Reading →

Good Mornings

Every dog, in all homes, has one person they revere. That one person is of course the one who feeds them! In ours it was Mother dear. They usually say that the way to a man’s heart is through their stomach. I strongly feel that certain someone confused a dog for a man! Mom would... Continue Reading →

Beginning of an Evergreen Friendship

Though fragile and docile, her eyes reeked of pure innocence. Joy was malnourished and was heavily infested with ticks. Calcutta had the perfect weather for harbouring ticks and our little girl had it worse than words could describe. I remember my father coming back from work each day and sitting with a mug of water... Continue Reading →

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